Interior / Exterior door NovoZip

The self-repairing NovoZip high speed door is the ideal solution for fast and frequently used passages. The self-lubricating rails in particular contribute to this. The self-repairing opperation reduces interruptions and guarantees a minimal delay in your production process. The NovoZip is intended as a fast, user-friendly partitioning of spaces and provides energy saving, draught exclusion and climate control. The result is significant energy savings with NovoZip installed.

Brochure highspeed doors

Self-repairing thanks to integrated zips
High wind resistance wind class 3
Larger dimensions up to 20.25 m2
Opening speed up to 2 metres per second!

Features of the NovoZip

  • Self-repairing
  • Spring loaded zipper closure keeps the door curtain under tension
  • With soft (Soft-Edge) bottom beam
  • Safety first with standard light curtain

Variant:  NEW! NovoZip Cleanroom with Wind Class 3 and special seals for optimal protection!

Variant:  NEW! NovoZip Emergency Exit for optimal safety!

Variant:  NEW! NovoZip ISO: ideal solution for cold rooms!

Product data sheet NovoZip


Technical data sheet NovoZip


How to assembly the highspeed door NovoZip

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